The Complete Guide To Selling A Damaged House In North Carolina: 2023

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How To Sell A Damaged House In North Carolina

Selling a damaged house in North Carolina isn’t as difficult as you might think. No matter the situation you find yourself dealing with, there is a solution to sell a house with damage. It’s just like every other real estate transaction, but there can be an added challenge. Typically, people are worried their home is in worse condition than it really is. Your house, even if not repaired, might not be as bad as you believe when viewed by prospective buyers and others. Even with the damage, there are many options for sellers of damaged houses in North Carolina.

That said, even the most damaged houses sell without getting repaired. It is important to remember as a North Carolina homeowner, it is your choice and decision to sell your house. If maintenance costs plus your mortgage are putting pressure on you, maybe it makes sense to take a chance and sell. The last thing you want is to get behind on your mortgage, risking foreclosure, because of the cost of repairs. If your neighborhood has a homeowners association you could be fined, face an assessment, or even have liens put against your property all due to not maintaining your house.

So whether your North Carolina house has plumbing problems, was flooded, has electrical issues, an animal infestation, foundation issues, structural damage, a leaky roof, needs new flooring, a burned house or any other types of damage, rest assured, it can be fixed and sold! Keep reading to learn the difference between damaged houses and gain knowledge on how to proceed! With the following four innovative ideas, you can sell your house as-is in North Carolina. Have you inherited a damaged property? Is your house in bad shape and you want to know how to sell your house fast? Keep reading below to see our top four strategies for selling a house with damage in NC!

What Is A Damaged House?

A damaged house is simply a property that needs repairs due to lack of maintenance, natural disasters, or intentional harm from someone (think arson). Natural disasters and occurrences can damage properties by fire, water, trees, high winds from hurricanes and tornadoes, hail, rodents, birds, earthquakes, termite damage, and many more. Lack of maintenance could be due to the owners getting older, a landlord not maintaining the property, or not having the skills or resources necessary to maintain the property. Finally, a damaged house could be the cause of bad tenants, arson, domestic disputes, or insurance fraud.

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Sell Your House For Cash In North Carolina

If you know you’re ready to sell your house fast follow this link to get a FREE cash offer to sell your house as-is in North Carolina or other areas in The Carolinas.  We are professional cash home buyers in North Carolina and have experience buying houses with damage! If you need guidance selling your house with damaged, give us a call at (704) 610-4024 or follow the link above!

Keep reading below to learn our top four strategies for selling a damaged house in North Carolina if you’re not quite ready yet or need more information.

Sell Your House To A Real Estate Investor

Real estate investors can be individual property flippers, large or small-scale rental owners, and house-buying companies such as an iBuyer. People investing in North Carolina real estate usually purchase homes in need of repairs with all cash, as their business is willing to replace damaged things and put sweat equity in to turn a profit.

They aren’t looking for a move-in-ready home. Instead, they’re searching for a property they can renovate and get back to a rentable and livable condition. To target real estate investors, you should:

  • Get the house cleaned as best you can
  • Get a home valuation estimate or tax appraisal
  • Gather detailed estimates from contractors, allowing you to negotiate a reasonable price for you and the investor
  • Request a cash offer and sell as-is

If your North Carolina house has extensive damage, selling to a real estate investing business or investor might be the best option. As a homeowner, you should also consult with your insurance companies to determine if filing claims can provide help. House fires, a natural disaster, flooded homes, termite infestation, and many more scenarios are covered under insurance if you have a policy for coverage. If your home is not covered by insurance, or has asbestos, lead paint, or another uninsurable issue or you have sustained extensive damage, and you don’t want to manage the repairs yourself, selling to an investor will be your easiest alternative route.

“As a cash home buyer in Denver my goal is to make selling your house fast and simple. Just like John, we take care of everything. After we buy houses we fix them up, then rent them out or resell them. We make our money in the value that we add after buying a house”, said Shaun Martin of We Buy Houses In Denver who will give you a cash offer for any Denver property from his website.

Cheap Effective Upgrades For Your House

A house with severe damage in North Carolina will likely require extensive renovations before it’s move-in ready or listed back on the market. However, making a few minor, inexpensive tweaks can improve selling chances without causing any finance stress and put more dollars in your pocket! Making sure the front of the house, driveway, and yard look presentable are important factors. Working for just a few hours on your house, with minimal expense, can make your house look much better!

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In your preparation to sell, take time to mow the lawn, sweep the front steps, plant flowers, and clean up any trash. It does not have to be a complete restoration of your home! Giving your front door an updated painted look does work wonders, too — exterior paint is relatively cheap, and it only takes an hour or two to do yourself.  For the inside, clean the walls, tidy and declutter, and put away personal items before taking listing photos or showing potential buyers around. Replace any burned out lightbulbs, and clean light fixtures, to improve lighting in the home too. A fresh coat of paint inside and replacing the cabinets hardware can provide a lot of benefits for the extra effort too and increase sales price. 

“If you are not a professional fix and flipper, or real estate investor, I would highly recommend you do a ton of research before spending your hard earned cash on repairs”, said Alex Capozollo of Brotherly Love Real Estate, a Philadelphia company that pays cash for houses.

Alex continued, “All to often, I see home-owners spend cash on items that do not recoup the cash outlay. Even if you don’t plan to sell your house to a cash buyer, talking with one can give you a ton of inside information and save you from making costly renovation mistakes.”

Price Your Damaged Home With Flexibility

If you are concerned with your home not selling in North Carolina, it is essential to be flexible on price when selling a damaged house. You shouldn’t expect to get top dollar for a fault-filled property, which means you should be flexible on price and prepared to negotiate. When offering your home for sale it is important to be honest with those interested when you disclose any issues or damage too. Repair-ready buyers or builders will feel more comfortable about proceeding with the sale if you allow them to schedule a pre-listing inspection. That way, they’ll be sure of all the necessary repairs and make an offer in line with their findings after the home is inspected.

As you consider your sales strategy, it is important to have the right expectation. If you decide to sell with a North Carolina realtor, be honest during your listing consultation on the age and problems in the home. This will allow them to price and advertise your damaged house to generate considerable interest and ideally create competition between prospective buyers! Selling the traditional way with realtors can come at a disadvantage, as you will be required to complete a disclosure of any known issues in the home. Sellers should also be aware that a damaged house can sit on the market for weeks, often for months and sometimes for years! This can come as a surprise to the seller, but depending on your local real estate market, the timeline to sell can be long. All the more reason to be flexible on price to speed up the sales timeline for your home.

Sell Your Damaged Property To DIYers

Finally, you can target bargain-hunting property buyers. These purchasers want to live in certain areas of North Carolina but haven’t found their dream homes due to affordability or tight inventories.

Bargain hunters tend to be first-timers or avid DIYers looking for a fixer-upper or house that has potential. They’re buyers who aren’t scared of tackling a damaged building, renovation project, or building an addition. To effectively sell to bargain hunters, you should:

  • Gather the recommendation of experts (e.g., home inspectors and real estate agents)
  • Declutter the yard and house
  • Make timely, affordable, and needed fixes (from tip number two)
  • Mention renovation loans, such as the FHA 203k, in the listing
  • Highlight the location and surrounding areas of your property

Sell Your Damaged House In North Carolina Fast

With these four innovative tips, you’re poised for a fast and successful sale of your damaged house. As long as you’re honest about your North Carolina property’s downfalls and showcase its best features alongside them, you’ll start the next chapter of your life in no time at all. 

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If you’re wondering what your property in North Carolina is worth or are ready to move forward with the sale of your damaged house, reach out to us today. We’ve helped many families, sellers, and homeowners sell their damaged houses and properties fast for cash. As professional home buyers, we do not charge sales commissions or fees. We understand everyone’s situation is unique, so our goal is to provide the best service for your home sales experience. The advantage of working with us, is that we pay for all taxes, fees, and repairs on the home. No money or expense out of your pocket to sell your North Carolina house to us!

Get started by filling out the form below or if you have questions, give us a call at (704) 610-4024. We are happy to give you a free cash offer and give our thoughts on what your house is worth! Our service is free and you’re never obligated to sell! As a seller, what do you have to lose? Sell your damaged house for cash and put your mind at ease.

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